Shock flowers soaked in honey 400g


Contains:  30% shock flowers from the Lunca Prut area

70% Prisaca Barnova acacia honey

Obtained:  By cold maceration after pressing.

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The syrup fully preserves the active principles and healing properties of flowers and bee honey, being obtained by maceration and cold pressing.

It is a good nourishing and vitaminizing tonic.

The syrup contains suspended flower particles or suspended deposits that do not constitute quality defects.

Shock flowers are disinfectant, depurative, diuretic, antifebrile, intestinal antiseptic.

Helps to quickly detoxify the body.

It is used to treat coughs, headaches and high blood pressure as a diuretic.

It is revitalizing and anti-inflammatory.

Administration: Children 1 teaspoon / 3 times a day Adults 1 tablespoon / 3 times a day

Or diluted with 1:10 plain water administered during the day as a soft drink.


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