Fir and pine buds soaked in honey 400g


Contains:  30% fir buds Gura Humorului area

70% Prisaca Barnova acacia honey

Obtained:  By cold maceration after pressing.

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Fir bud syrup is a good antiseptic and a very good tonic, it helps fight cough and bronchitis. Its administration helps to cure acute respiratory diseases. It is rich in vitamin C, is recommended in the treatment of asthenia and stress. It is also an excellent sweetener for teas, being recommended for children.

Most of the time, the syrup from the fir buds is prepared by boiling in sugar syrup. By thermal preparation, a large part of the volatile oils, with a very big role in calming the respiratory diseases, are destroyed. Therefore, we propose a cold preparation, which in addition to keeping intact all the properties of the active compounds in fir buds, also has honey, which adds to its preparation its benefits.

The remedy can be used to treat the following conditions: asthma, chronic bursitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, cough, cold, tonsillitis, flu, and allergies. The syrup can also be used by people suffering from migraines or by anemic or anorexic people. Fir bud syrup is also effective for disinfecting the oral cavity.


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