Honeycomb delicacy


Honeycombs  have been used as such, since antiquity, in folk medicine everywhere, in the fight against respiratory diseases, common colds or flu, in the  fight against stomach , liver or kidney diseases , weakness caused convalescence and even alcohol intoxication.

Because it does not involve any intervention or processing, honeycombs are one of the most natural and purest bee products.

Honeycombs are a mixture of the following bee products:  honey , pollen, propolis and wax, being highly valued both as food and as a treatment for diseases.

Product benefits:

  • Treats respiratory ailments, helping to restore the lining of the respiratory system;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Regulates metabolism;
  • Helps heal the gums;
  • Ideal in case of anemia, lack of appetite.


Ingredients:  Acacia Honey (250g), Honeycomb with Acacia Honey (100g)

Average nutritional values / 100g product: energy value 1459 KJ / 344 kcal, fat 1.72g of which saturated fatty acids 0.13g, carbohydrates 81.78g of which sugars 80.67g, protein below 0.1g, fiber 0.64g, salt 0g.

Method of administration:  4-6 teaspoons / day (20-30g)

Warnings: Do not administer to people allergic to bee products and children under 3 years.

Weight 0.35 kg


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